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My vardo, or caravan, collection seems to grow a little bit when I'm not looking.

The Green Machine was the first - I think we bought it some time between 2010-2012 at the vintage vehicle show in the cold field. This one is currently in bits being refurbished.

Little Vardo - this was my second vardo, a gift from my parents around 2013/14. It's a very small one - about pony size for 1:12 scale and was very useful as a little bit of scenery in the early Mapgie Photo Story.

Open Vardo - This was a gift from some fellow Julip collectors - Sue and Lesley - in 2020. It needs a few small repairs and then I can have some fun with adding all those little details.

The Big Vardo was my gift for our 7th anniversary in 2017. We bought it from the same auction house as the Rowantree House and Little Coul. The bidding got pretty fierce and I couldn't even watch at the end.

It's a lovely, heavy wood wagon. Someone put a raised platform inside and glued in some rather ghastly wallpaper and an odd selection of wallpaper.

The interior will be completely stripped (the door doesn't even open just now with the platform) and a more traditional layout will be made.

The vardo steps and it came with a rather out of scale selection of nice little copper pots.

The interior is still a mess, but it's a lovely prop as it is.