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Horse Boxes

How many horse boxes does one person need? Apparently one more.

The first horse box was a TLC horse box which came with the TLC stable. I bought the set quite cheaply on eBay for the Magpie Photo Story in 2016 and gussied it up a bit... well, I started to, but I got it to where it was good enough for the pictures and haven't yet actually finished it.

I gave it a spray paint, and had plans to put the Magpie logo or something on the side.

The inside got rubber matting and I've got some water transfers of the Magpie logo to put on the back... one day.

The Stunt Box isn't actually a horse box, but it fits in with the other lorries. It was made to be used as a moving van in the Magpie Photo Story. It is just the back of a moving van, painted like the Magpie horse box.

It has two different door inserts - one of which is the closed door and tailgate lift.

The closed door lifts out as one piece and the lowered tailgate lift and "rolled up door" can be inserted.

The Little Black Box is just that, a box with a taped on tailgate, spray-painted black, and propped up on some wooden blocks.

This is the 90s/00s Julip two-horse horse box. I got it in a massive lot of Julip items in 2017.

It's got space for two horses and a little single bunk over the cab.

The big green horse box is from the same lot as the cream one above. It, too, is a Julip horse box from the same period.

It holds three horses

And has a kitchen area, as well as a double bunk over the cab.