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Loch Kelpie

This was my entry for the "Myths & Legends" class at Lake District Live 2019

"Be leery my child of the fair pony alone down by the waterside, for by chance this bonnie beastie is not what he seems; this uncanny pony of magical beauty is the lure & the snare of the Kelpie.

One touch upon the fair hide and stuck to its body you be. With a flash of the hooves and a crack of the tail like the roar of the thunder, off will it run, back to its watery lair. Down, down it will take you into the depths, where, with your screams bubbling forth, devoured by the Kelpie you be.

Your mother may weep and your father may rave, but no trace shall ever be found of the unwary child caught by the Kelpie and dragged to a watery grave."

The backdrop before adding the resin water.

The unfortunate child - I based him on my husband, a fact he finds deeply disturbing.

Doing a dry run at home.

Nefertiti modeling the Kelpie feet

The scene at the show.

The Kelpie begins to transform into her true form as she approaches her watery lair.