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Garden Room

This one is a bit difficult to categorize, it's kind of a dollhouse in that it's a detailed, specific type of building, but it's also only a part of a building, much like a room box, so I decided to put it in the room box category - not that it matters to anyone but me.

The garden room we bought from a dollhouse store in 2019 on a trip down to Falkirk.

It was a steeply discounted display model with a cracked window pane and some icky carpet, but it cleaned up nicely. I gradually collected some white wire furniture and an assortment of bought and made plants to fill it.

Starting to add some plants. The majority of the plants in there just now I purchased as a lot from a hobby friend.

I added a lick of paint to them to add a little detail, painted over the prices written on the pots, and blue tacked them into place, except for the ones on the shelf in the back and in the plant racks on the side, which have been glued in.

I'd like to add a palm or two, and some sort of climbing, flowering vine, maybe a morning glory, along the back wall.