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Café Miaou

Café Miaou was made as a pets scene entry for the 2019 show year.

I was inspired by a game I was playing at the time on my phone and thought it would be a good way to use my Julip cats and have a lot of potential for fun accessories.

The room box itself came from a lot my husband purchased at Scone Yesteryear, a vintage vehicle show, for an absolute steal. They were a bit boring and grotty, so I took all the furniture out and kept the boxes for future projects.

This is one of the couches from the Scone lot. They were rather dull and frumpy.

I used very watery acrylic paint to brighten up the chintzy sofa set.

I during one of my printable frenzies I decided I wanted a wall of Chat Noir pictures in the Magpie's Nest, but then I thought I could make a better use of them here. These are in all different styles, with different characters as the cat.

The cafe fully furnished at its first show.

Pearl and S.B. James had a little moment when I moved the box.