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Farfrae El Manzoor de Galiza

Hispano-Árabe Colt

Yearling Mold

It seemed a shame to split up the little herd of Canadian horses, so the bay Yearling in the sales post somehow found his way into the box.

El Manzoor de Galiza is from the same April 2014 Spares batch as Alhambra.

El Manzoor is an Hispano-Árabe, a cross of the Arabian and Andalusian breeds and is the foal of Farfrae Alonzo Cortez de Baptista III, and Farfrae Ave Britannia.

Farfrae Stella Luna

American Appaloosa Filly

Yearling Mold

An astronomical name seemed like a good idea for this black and white appaloosa foal.

She takes her name from the book with the same title.

She was a spare or special order from some time between 2008-2012.

Farfrae Three Penny Paisley

American Appaloosa Filly

Yearling Mold

Penny is a Catalogue Original "Little Sioux", made between 1995-2008.

This particular model was likely made sometime before 2007.

She is the matching foal to Farfrae Penny Farthing.

Farfrae Alnarud Alssakhin

Arabian Colt

Yearling Mold

Alssa is a Catalogue Original "Bantry's Boy" made in 2006.

His name means "hot dice" in Arabic - according to Google Translate and he is the foal of Farfrae Ramy Alnurud.

Farfrae Constantina Britannica

Arabian Filly

Yearling Mold

Constance is a 2019 special order foal for Farfrae Pax Romana and Farfrae Ave Britannia.

She is a baby shade of flaxen chestnut and would mature to the colour of her dam.

Farfrae Cœur de Lion

Arabian Colt

Yearling Mold

Cœur is a spare from Lake District Live 2019.