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Working Hunter

Farfrae Ragnarök Aftershock

Mustang Gelding

Working Hunter Mold

Rock was a spare from a 2016 Spares Night.

He was left unpurchased for several days after the initial spares frenzy (a highly unusual situation), so I finally caved and added him to my order.

Rock was originally without markings, but Miss Laura added a small star at my request.

Maythorn Selkie

Mustang Mare

Working Hunter Mold

Selkie is from some time between 2008-2012.

She was rehaired from nylon to mohair by her previous owner and then rehaired again by me.

In Scottish folklore a Selkie is a sea lion which could shed its skin to become human. If a man stole this skin, the selkie would have to become his wife, but if she regained her skin she could flee.

Farfrae Hamakaze

Yonaguni x Hunter-type Mare

Working Hunter Mold

Hama is from some time between 2009-10.

She was rehaired from nylon to mohair by myself.

Japanese: sea breeze