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Welsh Pony

Farfrae Barely Painted Lady

Welsh Pony B Mare

Welsh Pony Mold

Lady was a special order from 1990, and was called Holly Berry by her second owner.

Her name comes from EG's Badly Painted Lady, whom she strongly resembles.

Breaknock Hill Are We There Yet Mare

Welsh Pony B

Welsh Pony Mold

Yeti was a spare from the 2017 Lake District Live.

Her name was inspired by the somewhat frequent unexpected detours we experience during our drive down to the show.

Breaknock Hill Toys in the Attic

Pony of the Americas Mare

Welsh Pony Mold

Toys came from the Really Big Ebay lot and was one of the best models in the group as she is a very hard to find model - the unnamed Welsh Pony Catalogue Original from 1995.

For this reason she has retained her nylon hair or else I would have scalped her long ago.

LaGalga Luna Temprana

Chincoteague Pony Mare

Welsh Pony Mold

Luna Temprana (Early Moon) is my Stormy of Chincoteague portrait. Her prefix, LaGalga, was inspired by the legendary wreck of a Spanish galleon which was responsible for bringing the ponies to the island. Modern day excavations and research have discovered the existence of the galleon, the La Galga, and have given credence to the legend.