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Welsh Cob

Farfrae Noridasu

Yonaguni x Hunter-type

Welsh Cob Mold

Not long after I purchased Shio, I was shocked to see her twin turn up in a Facebook sales post.

Though he was made a few years after Shio, they are nearly identical in colour and painting style.

Nori was a special order from 2012 and was commissioned as a (very) rough portrait of the former owner's Welsh Cob cross, Harley.

I re-haired Nori from black and white nylon to chocolate and white mohair and touched up his damaged muzzle paint and gave him grey knees and hocks like Shio.

His name is Japanese for "setting sail" to go with Shio's nautical themed name.

Farfrae Vicar of Wakefield

Welsh C Gelding

Welsh Cob Mold

Vicar was a spare from August 2006. I bought him and a matching foal from Stacey in 2016.

I rehaired him from nylon to mohair and he was my first braiding project - which I did by making little individual mohair braids. It was agony.

The braids were a bit large, so I later rehaired him with braided embroidery thread.

His name comes from the 1766 novel, The Vicar of Wakefield.

Rio Taió Cempasúchil

Welsh C Gelding

Welsh Cob Mold

Cempa is a Catalogue Original "Oliver" made between 2007-09.

He was rehaired from flaxen nylon to flaxen mohair by previous owner and I then rehaired him to flaxen with ginger shading mohair.

His name is the Spanish for "Marigold", as he came around the same time as Calavera Catrina.

Farfrae Bishop of Truro

Welsh C Gelding

Welsh Cob Mold

Truro is a spare from 2010 which I bought second-hand online.

I first saw him offered for sale at Lake District Live when I nearly bought him, but passed because I already had a bay Welsh Cob. I finally caved when I saw him for sale on Facebook later on.

I really like his funny little lip spot. I rehaired him from nylon to mohair.

Farfrae Heulwen

Welsh C Gelding

Welsh Cob Mold

Heulwen ("sunshine" in Welsh) is a spare from 2008.

He came to me with the standard pinky-cream nylon mane and tail, and I rehaired him with white mohair.

He's only my second solid palomino Julip. Heulwen was purchased by his previous owner because it resembled her pony. When the pony died, the model became to painful a reminder, so it was put up for sale in the forum. He was likely made around 2008.

Farfrae Ceian

Welsh C Gelding

Welsh Cob Mold

Ceian was a catalogue "Flame" which was made between 2004-08.

He was offered to me by Heulwen's owner when she heard I was looking to purchase a Flame.

I rehaired him from flaxen nylon to bright chestnut mohair.

His name means "Carnation" in Welsh.

Farfrae Cariad

Welsh C Gelding

Welsh Cob Mold

Cariad, which means "love" in Welsh was likely made around 2007/08.

He was offered to me by Heulwen's owner after I bought the other two. She didn't have a picture, but after she described him, I sent her a picture of Stacey's Truffle from Julip ID and she confirmed it was him.

His colour is very much like that of the catalogue model "Malteaser" on the Arab Champion mold.

At some point he had been rehaired from nylon to a dark flaxen mohair. I in turn rehaired him with a lighter flaxen mohair.