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Vintage Horses

Flaxhill Anubis

Arabian Stallion

Arabian Stallion (Version 1, retired) Mold

Anubis was made some time pre-1961, as he has the lead leg wires.

He is the first version of the Arabian Stallion.

Sometime after the Heath's bought Julip they refined or replaced many of the worn out molds.

Like most of my vintage horses, Anubis is awaiting restoration.

Flaxhill Folly

Arabian Gelding

Arabian Stallion (Version 2, retired) Mold

Folly was made in 1971 and came to me in an auction lot with a two legged American Quarter Horse.

Folly is currently in our veterinary center awaiting surgery.

Farfrae Maxwellington's Hat Trick

Cleveland Bay Gelding

Cleveland Mold (retired)

Max is likely from some time in the 60s.

He's currently waiting for surgery in our veterinary center.

Bellwood Caunterbury Chaucer

Norman Cob Gelding

Handy Hunter Mold (retired)

Chaucer came to us from Miss Stacey with a sickly Dartmoor I.

He is currently undergoing surgery in our veterinary center.

Blue Street Bassington in Exile

Thoroughbred Part-bred Stallion

Jumping Horse Mold (retired)

Bassington in Exile is named for the title character of the novel The Unbearable Bassington by H.H. Munro, pen name, Saki.

His prefix, or farm name, Blue Street, is the location of Comus Bassington's home.

Bassington came to me in a lot of sickly horses and riders from eBay and had the most dramatic damage with a split hide oozing stuffing, sticky head, broken leg wires and dangling, stretchy legs.

He was likely made in the 1970s.

Farfrae Muggle

Thoroughbred Part-bred Gelding

Polo Pony Mold (retired)

Muggle is from the 60s and came in a batch of decaying vintage models off of eBay.

He's got some issues with his feet, but I'm not sure how far I'll be restoring him yet.

If he doesn't go gummy, he might be left alone or given a slight hoof repair.

Farfrae Cheeky

Part-bred Pony Gelding

Pony Hunter Mold (retired)

Cheeky is an extensively restored vintage Pony Hunter. His mouth letter is d, meaning he was made in 1974. The mold is supposed to stand square, but the model came to me with the off-hind leg in a cocked position, so I copied that when I resculpted the limb. He has been repainted, but effort has been made to closely match the original colour and painting style. Even though he has "pony" in his name, this mold is generally grouped with the horse molds at shows.

Boettcher's Honour Bright

Thoroughbred Gelding

Thoroughbred Mold (retired)

Honour was likely made sometime in the 70s.

He came to me with severed legs and is currently awaiting surgery in our veterinary center.

Farfrae Sanskrit

Thoroughbred Gelding

Thoroughbred Mold (retired)

I bought Sanskrit at Julip Live 2019 during the lunchtime swap meet.

He was probably made sometime in the 70s.