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Sport Horse

Oathlaw Galahad

Hackney x Welsh C Gelding

Sport Horse Mold

Even though I gave him a fancy name, this model is still called by the name given by his previous owner - Jaime.

He's also one of the few Julips I haven't re-haired. His previous owner had re-haired him quite nicely, so I didn't need to.

This was my first Sport Horse, which can be a slightly odd looking mold, but I think really suits this colour.

Jaime is actually one of my favourite Julips as he has such a delightfully goofy personality.

Oathlaw is the name of a village near us and I've always like the look and the sound of the word.

Jaime was likely made sometime around 2009.

Oathlaw Trade Winds

Hackney x Welsh C Gelding

Sport Horse Mold

Windy was likely made some time between 2008-2012.

I rehaired him from white nylon to white mohair.

He hasn't had much exposure in pictures or at shows, but he is absolutely gorgeous in person.