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New Forest Pony

Farfrae Pom Poko

Dosanko x Hunter-type Gelding

New Forest Mold

I had just received my special order tanuki pets when I purchased this pony and Shio, the pinto Mustang. I was planning a Japanese-themed photo story for my raccoon dogs and thought it would be fun to incorporate the new horses into the story, too, hence all the Japanese names.

Pom Poko was a special order New Forest Pony from around 2008. The original owner asked for a general colour and pattern and left the details to the Julip painters.

He has been re-haired by myself from white and dark brown nylon hair to flaxen and white mohair. I originally envisioned him as a bay, but it was not a flattering look, the flaxen really makes him pop.

I wanted a forest-themed name for Poko, but couldn't find any Japanese word to suit. I finally thought of one of my favourite anime movies; what could be more "forest" than a tanuki war?

High Tor Tintagel

Chincoteague Pony Mare

New Forest Mold

Tintagel and her foal Taliesin came to me with dark brown nylon hair which was lovely, but I just prefer mohair.

They have a similar pattern to Smarty and Smudge, the catalogue models, but in brown instead of black.

Tintagel was likely made around 2007/2008.

High Tor Morgaine

Chincoteague Pony Mare

New Forest Mold

Morgaine is a Catalogue Original "Smartie" who was sold along with her foal from 2004-2006.

She has been rehaired from nylon to mohair.

Farfrae Ginger Tam

New Forest Pony

Tam is likely from some time in the 70s, based on his eye style.

He came to me with resculpted lower legs and the rest of him turning to mush. He currently resides in the Farfrae Veterinary Center awaiting repairs.

He's named after my favourite ginger honey whisky liqueur.

Farfrae Sir Cadogan

New Forest Pony Gelding

New Forest Mold

Sir Cadogan is from a 2019 spares night and is a simply gorgeous dappled sooty buckskin.

LaGalga Petirroja

Chincoteague Pony Mare

New Forest Mold

Spanish: Robin

Portrait of Misty of Chincoteague's second foal, Wisp O' Mist. Made in 2021.