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Farfrae Shiohigari

Yonaguni x Hunter-type Mare

Mustang Mold

Shiohigari is a spare from November 2009; I purchased her in 2016 through eBay.

Her name is Japanese for "shell gathering at low tide" as I got a rather beachy vibe from her.

Shio was formerly a gelding named Quiz with synthetic white and black hair. When he arrived in the Horse Room, he became a she and was re-haired with chocolate and white mohair.

Farfrae Penny Farthing


Mustang Mold

Penny is the first Original release of the HOTY "Family Pony" mold; the mouth was sculpted shut not long after this initial release.

This unnamed catalogue model was released in 1995 with several other models in the same colour. The others returned the next year, but this one was dropped from the line.

Penny was a rather unusual find as she came in a plastic hanging bag wearing red halter, red/yellow blanket, and plastic mane wrap. The sales lot also included a packaged saddle and bridle, orange 50th anniversary ribbon, and an unpackaged Mongrel.

It is thought that she was likely packaged this way for sale by Julip at one of the horse shows they attended.

I wanted her name to include "devil" due to her selling price, 66.66, but none of the names fit and when her dog named himself "Hipster" I wanted something that would match that. Penny Farthing bicycles are apparently a hipstery thing.

Penny was made in 1995.

Paganhill Kirigami

Yonaguni part-bred Mare

Mustang Mold

Kirigami was a spare from my first Julip Live show in 2019.

Her prefix comes from a road near where we stayed with friends in Stroud.

Kirigami is a variation of Origami, but involves cutting as well as folding. She is the foal of Shiohigari.