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Black Mountain Koshari Katsina

Gaited Mule John

Mule Mold

Koshari Katsina is from the 65th Anniversary Julip show in 2010.

It seems that a number of spares on various molds were painted black pinto and given a silver JP65 brand on their near-hip.

The sales listing said Koshi was slightly yellowed, but it's hardly noticeable at all.

Koshi is named for the Hopi clown (Koshari) Kachina (spirit being) which is traditionally depicted in black and white costume and face-paint.

When I re-haired Koshi, I attempted to give him a belled tail cut. I may try to refine this a bit as the result is a bit bulky.

The mule prefix is the name of the mountains near my old apartment in Arizona.

Black Mountain Woraug's Wizard

Saddle Mule John

Mule Mold

Woraug is a spare from the 2018 Julip Live which Miss Stacey was kind enough to pick up for me.

He went five months without a name, but finally found inspiration from my son's then current bedtime book, Dealing with Dragons.

Woraug sports a slightly resculpted nose, making it more rounded and slightly roman; this change is done after molding and is not an alteration to the actual plaster mold.

Black Mountain Pickwick

Saddle Mule John

Mule Mold

Pickwick a spare from Julip Live 2019.

He is a lovely shaded bay and sports the new roman nose.