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Irish Draught

Farfrae Roanoke Magellan

Morgan Gelding

Irish Draught Mold

Roan is a spare from Lake District Live 2016.

I had gone in with a top three mold wish list - Cob, Connemara, or ID, and managed to get one of my choices.

Roanoke Magellan is a beautiful golden toned bay with a tiny little star.

I have been wanting an ID for ages, so I was very happy to not only have one turn up in the Spares batch, but for him to be such a gorgeous colour as well.

Southern Gothic Delacroix

Fjord Gelding

Irish Draught Mold

Del was a special order for the Fjord Horde in perlino dun, which is bay with two copies of the cream gene and dun.

He was made in 2018.

Balkeerie Spendthrift

Chincoteague Pony Stallion

Irish Draught Mold

Thrifty was a special order in 2007 which I bought second-hand.

He came to me with white mohair, but originally had black nylon.

I found a pictuer of him before his rehairing and liked the "buckskin" look so much, I rehaired him with dark brown mohair.

Balkeerie is a town near us and I've always liked the sound and look of the name.

Balkeerie Eros

Welsh C Gelding

Irish Draught Mold

Eros was made some time around 2007.

He originally had chestnut nylon hair until I rehaired him with mohair.