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Farfrae BĂȘte Noire

Thoroughbred x Hackney Gelding

Hunter Mold

BĂȘte is my special order portrait of Black Beauty from 2017.

His markings are based as closely as possible to those in the book, down to the little white patch on his withers.

I had to guess about the white foot as I couldn't find mention of which leg it was on.

Farfrae Damnyankee

Paint Horse Gelding

Hunter Mold

Yankee is a catalogue Orignal "Jigsaw" which was made from 1995-1999 and came with a pair of hounds.

Based on the other models in the collection I think it is likely that he was made in 1995 or soon after.

He was part of a massive lot including 8 Julips, 5 Grand Champions, 9 riders, masses of tack and accessories, two Julip dogs, a plastic fox, and 2 Julip lorries from eBay.

I rehaired him from nylon to mohair, and then gave him an experimental banded mane.