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Southern Gothic Zirondelle

Fjord Filly

Foal Mold

Zira's name used to be Angel's Share, but I changed it to Zirondelle, which means "dragonfly" when I decided on a Cajun theme for the Fjord Horde.

She was a spare from Lake District 2015, and was my first foal.

The mold was altered to give the foal a hair mane instead of the usual sculpted one.

High Tor Taliesin

Chincoteague Pony Colt

Foal Mold

Taliesin and his mother Tintagel came to me with dark brown nylon hair which was lovely, but I just prefer mohair.

They have a similar pattern to Smarty and Smudge, the catalogue models, but in brown instead of black.

Taliesin was likely made around 2007/2008.

Farfrae Primrose

Shetland Pony Filly

Foal Mold

Prim was a spare from 2006.

I rehaired her from nylon to mohair and painted her mane black as it was the same colour as her body. Her name comes from the last name of the Vicar of Wakefield, which is the name of the bay Welsh Cob she was paired with when I bought her.

High Tor Mordred

Chincoteague Pony Colt

Foal Mold

Mordred is a Catalogue Original "Smudge" who was sold along with his mother from 2004-2006.

He has been rehaired from nylon to mohair.

High Tor Gwydion

Chincoteague Pony x Welsh C Colt

Foal Mold

Gwydion is the result of an unintended breeding with one of our mares and a stallion who was sent to us for repairs and rehairing.

He was a special order from 2017, and has his dam's pattern and his sire's colour.