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Farfrae Reothart Dubhadh Gréine

Chincoteague Mare

Family Horse Mold

Reo was my first Julip horse and was purchased second-hand through Facebook.

She's the Family Horse mold and was created around 2008. Reo's name is Gaelic for springtide solar eclipse - she arrived on the day of the March 2015 solar eclipse.

I prefer mohair, so I re-haired her from her original peachy nylon hair to white mohair.

This was my first re-hairing job and it didn't really suit her colour and made this sweet, elegant mare look a bit gormy.

I thought a shorter mane and tail would be easier to manage and give her a different look; it did, and it wasn't a good one.

A year later, after realizing at a show that I was actually embarrassed by her hair, I finally did something about it.

Reo now sports a long, thick mane and tail in mixed gingery and flaxen colours and I finally like her again.