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Farm/Feathered Cob

Farfrae Figaro

Percheron Gelding

Farm Cob Mold

Figaro is a catalogue Original #JO119 "The Staverdale Set" which was produced in 2001-02.

I rehaired him from white nylon to a medium mixed grey mohair and gave him fancy draft horse ribbons and braids. This was my first "straw" set.

Farfrae Bartholo

Percheron Stallion

Farm Cob Mold

Bartholo is the father of Figaro and was made around 2007/08.

I rehaired him from white nylon to dull flaxen mohair with fancy draft ribbons and braids.

Farfrae Alhambra Yusuf Escobar

Hispano-Bretón Stallion

Feathered Cob Mold

While waiting to see if another model from this seller was going to end up my hands, I started taking a shine to the bay Feathered Cob in the same sales post.

Alhambra is an April 2014 spare and only spent a short time in Canada before returning to the UK, this time up north to Scotland.

He kept his original hair, but got a grooming and a light trim. After taking pictures for a work-in-progress photo story, Alhambra was given a braided tail and ribbons - my first attempt at this style.

He's not a Clydesdale, but a Hispano-Bretón, a breed created by crossing Andalusian horses and French Bretón draft horses.

Alhambra's second name, Yusuf is for the Sultan of Granada who, in 1333 converted the fortress into a royal palace.

Escobar is for Pedro Salmeron Escobar, a modern architect who oversees the preservation of Alhambra.