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Farfrae Saturn's Fortunate Daughter

Thoroughbred x Andalusian Mare

Eventer Mold

I came across Fortuna as "make an offer" in a model horse sales group with an rather indistinct group shelf picture for reference. I thought the model was definitely grey, probably light, possibly mulberry, but wasn't sure.

I was interested enough to take the chance and ended up with an absolutely gorgeous model. I actually gasped when I unwrapped her.

Fortuna is named for the Goya painting, Saturn Devouring His Son.

She was a 2015 special order.

Farfrae Nefertiti

Thoroughbred x Hackney Mare

Eventer Mold

Nefertiti was a 2008 special order and one of the first batch out of the mold when it was slightly resculpted and rereleased.

To get her, I made a deal for a partial trade: half cash, half in rehairing work.

I rehaired Nef from light chestnut nylon to dark chestnut braided mane and tail.