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Dressage Horse

Willowmere Impulsive Venture

Andalusian Gelding

Dressage Horse Mold

Venti is a Dressage Horse spare from the 2015 Lake District Live show and my second equine spare.

I felt his colouring and hair gave him a rather willowy look and my snatch and grab during the Spares Frenzy was thoroughly impulsive.

He originally had long, flowing, slightly unmanageable hair until I gave him a running braid in the mane and a loose braid in the tail and added variegated purple rosettes for a little colour.

Willowmere Merlin's Apprentice

Andalusian Gelding

Dressage Horse Mold

Merlin was made sometime around 2008-2010.

I rehaired him from white nylon to flaxen mohair with braids.

I decided the style didn't really suit him and rehaired him again to a loose mane and tail in the same colour.

Willowmere Harlequin Romeo

Chincoteague Pony Gelding

Dressage Horse Mold

Romeo was a special order based on a spare made by Helen Moore during her "Realism Range" days - such models were sold on eBay, outside of Julip, around 2007-08.

He was rehaired by his previous owner from nylon to mohair.