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Dartmoor Pony

Farfrae Mystic Tango

Dartmoor x Welsh A Gelding

Dartmoor Mold

The Spares frenzy at the 2016 Lake District Live was especially savage due to the continued closure of special orders and the relatively few models available due to an unusually large number of purchases at the previous show.

Mystic Tango barely had a chance to hit the table before I snatched him up. I had gone in hoping for a Connemara or one of the cobs, but I instantly fell in love with this strangely familiar little black Dartmoor.

I couldn't get over the sense of déjà vu I was getting from my new pony, so I hopped onto Julip ID to check out the Dartmoor gallery, and there was his twin, Miss Stacey's Majik!

As fate would have it, she and Majik were both at the show and we managed to take first in the Look-Alike class.

After we got home Tango got a trim and had his mane flipped from the right to the left side.

He has added feathering which makes his feet look a little less bulbous

Farfrae Moonlight Sonata

Dartmoor x Welsh A Gelding

Dartmoor Mold

Sonata was a spare from 2008.

I rehaired him from silvery grey nylon to white mohair.

LaGalga Tesoro de Hadas

Chincoteague Gelding

Dartmoor Mold

Spanish: Fairy Treasure

Portrait of Misty of Chincoteague's first foal, Phantom Wings. Made in 2021.