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Farfrae Pandemonium by Proxy

Cob Gelding

Connemara Mold

Panda was purchased for me by Stacey as my proxy buyer at Julip Live 2016.

I gave her a short list of preferences and her choices were kept secret until the box arrived.

His name is a reference to the energy of a Spares grab and the method by which he was acquired.

I added the mohair feathers; this was my first foray into feathering.

Farfrae Maharib Alfayruz

Highland Pony Stallion

Connemara Mold

Fayruz was an eBay win. The pictures were taken at odd angles, so I originally thought he was an Arab Stallion and had decided on an Arabic name for him.

When he arrived I realized he was a very nice example of an early Connemara from 1983, but the name, which means "Turquoise Warrior", stuck.

Pucklechurch Bayard Enchanté

Highland x Welsh C Gelding

Connemara Mold

I purchased Bayard from a Spares Night just before I ordered my Black Beauty set.

He was exactly what I had planned for my Captain portrait from the set - a Connemara in pure white with black flea-bites and a snip.

In the book, Captain's name was Bayard during his early life as a cavalry horse.

Southern Gothic Bourré

Fjord Stallion

Connemara Mold

Bourré was a special order Fjord for the Fjord Horde.

He is a gorgeous dapple black which I can never seem to photograph properly. He was made in 2018.

Southern Gothic Étouffée

Fjord Stallion

Connemara Mold

Toof was a special order buckskin dun Fjord for the Fjord Horde. He was made in 2018.

Farfrae Namimakura

Yonaguni x Hunter-type Stallion

Connemara Mold

Nami is from around 2010 and I bought him second-hand as a match for Shio & Nori.

His name is Japanese and means "falling asleep to the sound of the ocean"

Farfrae Sentimental Silver

Pony of the Americas Stallion

Connemara Mold

Portrait of my childhood pony, Silverado, made for my 40th birthday