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Farfrae Pandemonium by Proxy

Cob Gelding

Connemara Mold

Panda was purchased for me by Stacey as my proxy buyer at Julip Live 2016.

I gave her a short list of preferences and her choices were kept secret until the box arrived.

His name is a reference to the energy of a Spares grab and the method by which he was acquired.

I added the mohair feathers; this was my first foray into feathering.

Farfrae Maharib Alfayruz

Highland Pony Stallion

Connemara Mold

Fayruz was an eBay win. The pictures were taken at odd angles, so I originally thought he was an Arab Stallion and had decided on an Arabic name for him.

When he arrived I realized he was a very nice example of an early Connemara from 1983, but the name, which means "Turquoise Warrior", stuck.

Pucklechurch Bayard Enchanté

Highland x Welsh C Gelding

Connemara Mold

I purchased Bayard from a Spares Night just before I ordered my Black Beauty set.

He was exactly what I had planned for my Captain portrait from the set - a Connemara in pure white with black flea-bites and a snip.

In the book, Captain's name was Bayard during his early life as a cavalry horse.

Southern Gothic Bourré

Fjord Stallion

Connemara Mold

Bourré was a special order Fjord for the Fjord Horde.

He is a gorgeous dapple black which I can never seem to photograph properly. He was made in 2018.

Southern Gothic Étouffée

Fjord Stallion

Connemara Mold

Toof was a special order buckskin dun Fjord for the Fjord Horde. He was made in 2018.

Farfrae Namimakura


Connemara Mold

Nami is from around 2010 and I bought him second-hand as a match for Shio & Nori.

His name is Japanese and means "falling asleep to the sound of the ocean"