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Cob Stallion

Farfrae Tintenkleks Krampus

Cob Stallion

Cob Stallion Mold

Tintin was an Xmas spare from 2016. Laura was super busy that year, so instead of taking Xmas orders, you could send her your Xmas wish and she would try to make as many as possible come true.

She gave the wisher first refusal and those which were passed over were offered for sale as spares.

My Xmas wish was: I'd love a black pinto with 50%-85% white on a Cob Mare, Cob Stallion, or Show Cob.

I added the rather exuberant mohair feathers.

Southern Gothic Boudin

Fjord Gelding

Cob Stallion Mold

Bou is another non-dun fjord from the Fjord Horde order.

He is a softly shaded, mealy flaxen chestnut and was made in 2017.

Haltwhistle Charivari

Cob Stallion

Cob Stallion Mold

Chari is a Spare from 2018 Lake District Live.

At his first show he took champion in the colour division.