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Cob Mare

Southern Gothic Praline

Fjord Mare

Cob Mare Mold

It took me almost a month to buy Praline. She is a spare from 2015 which was offered for sale on FB. I messaged the seller, but the model had already been put on hold for someone else. That person later had to back out of the sale, so the seller contacted me to see if I still wanted her.

Praline is our bay dun member of the Fjord Horde.

Southern Gothic Mardi Gras

Fjord Mare

Cob Mare Mold

Mardi Gras is one of the models I ordered specially for the Fjord Horde.

She is a chestnut dun and was made in 2018.

Southern Gothic M├ętairie

Fjord Mare

Cob Mare Mold

Meta is a rare non-dun fjord mare.

Miss Laura did an amazing job translating my prototype drawing into latex.

Meta is beautifully dappled and has a dropped head. She was made in 2018.

Southern Gothic Eulalie

Fjord x Clydesdale Mare

Cob Mare Mold

Eulalie was a Spare from Lake District Live 2019.

She is a pale, dappled bay dun with the mane and tail frosting which is typical to this colour.

She has added latex feathering.

LaGalga Salida Del Sol

Chincoteague Pony Mare

Cob Mare Mold

Salida Del Sol (Sunrise) is my Misty of Chincoteague portrait. Her prefix, LaGalga, was inspired by the legendary wreck of a Spanish galleon which was responsible for bringing the ponies to the island. Modern day excavations and research have discovered the existence of the galleon, the La Galga, and have given credence to the legend.

Salida's markings are taken from photographs of the actual mare, rather than the pattern used on the Breyer models or in the book illustrations.