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Child's Jumping Pony

Rio Taió Calavera Catrina

Criollo Mare

Child's Jumping Pony Mold

Calavera is a flea-bitten grey Child's Jumping Pony from some time in the early 2000s. She was an anniversary present from my husband; our anniversary is Oct. 31st and since she arrived on Nov. 1st, I decided she needed a Día de Muertos name. Being an elegant, mostly white mare, what better than to name her after the beautiful icon of the Day of the Dead?

I rehaired her from nylon to mohair and added rosebud decorations.

She was likely made sometime around 2008.

Pucklechurch Spirited Away

Thoroughbred x Hackney Mare

Child's Jumping Pony Mold

When I first started collecting Julips I decided the CJP would make a wonderful Black Beauty's Ginger, and I think I was right.

Spirit is a special order from 2017 with a wired neck, which allows her head to turn a bit.

I picked her and the rest of my Black Beauty set up at Lake District Live, where she won the colour championship and reserve overall champion.

Balkeerie Queen Mab

Chincoteague Pony Mare

Child's Jumping Pony Mold

I lost out on Queen Mab's ebay auction a year or so ago, so I was delighted to see her come up for sale again recently.

She and her foal have been rehaird from nylon to mohair by their previous owner.

They were both a special order from sometime between 2007-2009.

Farfrae Capercaillie

Thoroughbred x Hackney Mare

Child's Jumping Pony Mold

At Lake District Live 2019, I picked out a bay dun Cob Mare and a dropped head bay pinto New Forest.

A little later I noticed a black CJP among the unpurchased spares which I had somehow missed in the spares frenzy.

I actually liked her more than the pinto New Forest, so Miss Laura was kind enough to let me swap, and made me take a bunny to make up the difference in price.