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Clydesdale Foal

Farfrae Albahaca Ismail Ruiseñor

Hispano-Bretón Colt

Clydesdale Foal Mold

Albahaca is the son of Alhambra Yusuf Escobar.

They both came from Spares nights and look as if they were made as a set, but Alhambra is a year older, being made in April 2014, while Albahaca was made May 2015.

In keeping with the father/son theme, I made Albahaca matching mane and tail ribbons and gave him a braided and tied tail.

The original owner had named him Basil, and I was pleased to find that the Spanish for that word looked and sounded similar to his sire's name; Ismail is the name of a sultan who lived in Alhambra; and Ruiseñor means nightingale, a type of bird kept in Alhambra.