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Arabian Stallion

Farfrae Ramy Alnurud

Arabian Stallion

Arab Stallion Mold

Ramy's name means "Roll the Dice" in Arabic, at least according to Google Translate.

I won him in the Model Horse Dip FB group, which is a raffle method of selling models. I did rather stack the odds by buying half the tickets.

Ramy was my first Arab Stallion and is the catalogue model Bantry Bay, which was offered in the Spring/Summer 2006 catalogue.

He came to me with nylon hair which I replaced with mohair.

Farfrae Kadhaba Alfarawila

Arabian Partbred Gelding

Arab Stallion Mold

Fara's name with his former owner was Strawberry, so gave him new name incorporating the old - Kadhaba Alfarawila means strawberry fool in Arabic according to Google Translate.

He is from 2007/08 and was part of Helen's "Realism Range" when she was painting for Julip.

He was rehaired from nylon to mohair by his previous owner.

Farfrae Pax Romana

Arabian Stallion

Arab Stallion Mold

Pax was a 2018 special order, designed as a mate to Ave Britannia.

His star is shaped like a flying dove of peace.

Farfrae Tetley

Arabian Part-bred Stallion

Arab Stallion Mold

This guy was a spare from the April Spares Night 2021 and is am Arabian Stallion with a dropped head in dappled bay dun.

I wanted him to have a fancier name, but he and everyone else in the FB group insisted on Tetley.