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I first saw the black splash Arab Champion in the Arabian Mold class and adored her colour and pattern; she's one of the few models I took pictures of.

I was surprised her on the sales table during the lunch break, but talked myself into waiting until after I had seen the show spares. Though I ended up spending my budget on the new spares, her owner very kindly offered to put the mare and another model I liked on hold for me.

I'd had the Neil Young song, Love is a Rose going through my head for ages and it just seemed to fit this beautiful model with her sweet blue eyes.

Rose, originally named Inez, was a June 2009 Special Order based on a picture of a real miniature horse named Nostalgias Show Me the Money.

Though she looked just fine with her synthetic hair, I prefer mohair, so her mixed brown/black mane and black/white tail were replaced by black and white mohair.

Her current tail more closely resembles the reference picture of the real horse than her previous tail. I made her forelock black and white as the facial marking touches her hair line, though the real horse had a solid black forelock - the white face didn't go as high as it does on the model.