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Farfrae Sitzpinkler

Dalmatian Dog

Lying Hound Mold

Long-haired dog from my 2019 "Spotty Dogs" order.

Name is German for "a man who sits to pee".

Farfrae Killer Bee

Labradoodle Female

Lying Hound Mold

I commissioned three of these models as a portrait of our neighbours' dog, Belle. One model I kept, and the other two I gave to the neighbours' children to keep them company in their Uni dorms during lockdown. I made collars for each model which resemble Belle's. Sadly, Belle died a few months after these models were made.

My pet name for Belle was "Killer" because she would bark fiercely if she felt she wasn't getting enough pets which would frequently frighten people not familiar with her ways.

Farfrae Feu Follet

American English Coonhound Dog

Lying Hound Mold

September 2021 Spares Night