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Wildberry Manor

Once upon a time, I had a Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy Home. After a few too many years in a hot Texas attic, the house crumbled and my dolls and furniture somehow disappeared.

In late August 2023, I saw a FB Marketplace listing (I really need to stay out of there) for a BHH, furniture, and four dolls for £100. I hemed and hawed over it for too long, and before I knew it, the house was marked as "pending". A couple of weeks later, the listing popped up in my feed again! This time I didn't hesitate - I messaged, I scheduled, and I drove an hour and a half up north, past Aberdeen, to claim my house.

It's in beautiful condition and just needs a little cleaning and a few small repairs. The missing bit of trim turned up in the cabinet under the sink, so there was one less task to do.