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Rowantree House

I purchased this one in the summer of 2017 from the same auction mart as the Little Coul house.

It is a very rundown Triang #62 which was produced from 1930-58; in 1957 they began producing this model with electrical wiring. My house is wired for electricity, but I think this might not be original to the house as it has a fixed central panel which indicates it's from 1934 or earlier.

It's missing the front panels and all the windows and doors are missing, as are the chimneys. It still has its wiring, which is slightly terrifying, and several layers of extremely manky wallpaper and paint. It did, however come with a nice assortment of Kleeware furniture.

I've had this house for so long that I've run through several ideas for it while working on other projects.

The current plan is to strip it down, gut it, and bring it back as a sort of witch's shop with an apartment above. The name of the house isn't inspired by anything in particular except it sounds a little witchy - I suppose you'd need plenty of magical protection in a magic supply shop.