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The Rover's Return

The Rover's Return was a Valentine's Day gift from 2018. It's a model of the pub from Coronation Street and was made by a miniaturist in Alyth. We were up Glenshee doing a bit of sledding and came home via Blairgowrie as the nearest place to get lunch. While my husband dealt with getting the child into some dry clothes, I popped into the junk shop just across from the carpark for a look around. I spotted this grand little pub right away. I tried to examine it without looking too interested, and popped right back out to send in my husband.

I don't haggle - 1. it's not in my nature, and 2. I think when people hear my accent, they assume I'm a tourist and put up the price, plus, my husband is seriously good at it. Fifteen minutes and a phone call to the shop owner later and he had the price down from £75 to £40.

There isn't much to do to this one besides enjoy it. I've been gradually working on adding some more details such as filling out the bar shelves and decorating a little more.

I snapped a quick picture in the shop before scampering off for reinforcements.

Interior right after bring the pub home.

Having a little play after adding a few decorative bits.

Starting to stock up the bar. It was a bit bare to start with.

Starting a line of decorative plates along the top.