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Litte Shop in the Roods

The little shop in the Roods is a Dolls House Emporium O'Rourke's Post Office. We picked this one up for an astonishing £30, finished, wired, with lights, and only needing a few small repairs, from a collector near Dunfermlin in 2020.

The sign is going to be changed to look like the one on the shop my husband's family used to have in our town when his father was young. The downstairs will be a sort of general store, and the upstairs will be a small apartment.

The name of the shop comes from the address of the old family shop - at least until I can remember what the shop was actually called

So pretty and tidy compared to some of my other houses upon arrival.

Lights! And that little room under the stairs is the toilet, just like our wash house.

Trying out some furniture to see what works.

The brass bed, rug, and little dollhouse are from my grandmother's old room box.

The old shop in the Roods. We have the actual sign in one of our sheds for me to copy.

This furniture may or may not stay in the house. I've just been popping in little bits as I come across them.

Adding some test bits to the bedroom.