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Monksden Manor

I picked up Monksden on a trip down south in 2017. We were visiting the National Railway Museum in York for the 5th time in as many years and while the boys were looking over the engines, I was relaxing in a chair, looking for interesting listings on Gumtree. I found this house for £25, less than five minutes away from where we had parked the car. So after we were done with the museum, we headed over and picked up the house in the pouring rain. As we were in Yorkshire for another few days, we had to cart it through the crowded pub and up to our room; that caused some comments, let me tell you.

Monksden is a corruption of the name of the road near where we bought it. It is a vintage Lundby #6040 Stockholm House which was produced from 1976 to around 2005; the #6041 Garage extension was introduced in 1979. The previous owner added some new wallpaper and painted the trim black.

I have plans to divide the large basement room into a garage and kitchen, and furnish the house strictly in vintage Lundby furniture.

I can't really paper the rooms until I purchase the furniture for each. I do have the kitchen and bathroom furnishings (the house came with the bathroom pieces), a car, and one of the Lundby horses, which are copies of Breyers, and two lovely young men to live in the house.