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The Magpie's Nest

The Nest is one of my own creations, built from scrap wood, hot glue, and wall filler. I started it in 2016 and still haven't finished it yet.

The idea behind the building is that it is an old stone barn which has been converted into an antique/junk shop. The stone walls are prone to damp, hence the stains in the plaster.

The loft lifts off to allow access to a crawl space between the floors for the wiring as I knew I'd mess it up a few times.

Assembling the ground floor

Painting the cobbles in the main room - floor made from wall filler.

Floor painted and walls "plastered"

Painting the grout in the side room was unexpectedly awkward.

Wall filler stone work finished and ready to paint.

Remaining stone work sculpted. Wiring crawl space visible.

Downstairs lights working.

Outer stonework and wood framing painted.

The door was made from scratch. The inside has a basket for catching the mail - courtesy of Playmobil.

The little metal mail flap on the outside actually lifts. It's very cute.

Some junk in the side room.

I would repeatedly empty the rooms to work on the house, only to fill them again.

Lights on

I love the really junky shops, don't you?

The cabinet and many of the bits were from one of my car boot raids.

After emptying the room again for work, it slowly started to fill back up.

The upstairs room was very rough.

I used a string of battery operated xmas lights to see what it would look like illuminated.

The woodwork has been sculpted in and is ready to paint.

Adding the first layers of paint to the wood.

Fully painted and sealed with a satin layer.

The finished loft.

Finished loft with furniture. One day I'll get the lights in.