Lab Rat Tango

Fugglers Dolls Miniatures Models Home

7/8 Keptie Road

This house looks to be built from the Hobby's #1590 Swiss Chalet kit (available from 1986-current) by a person in Arbroath - this was only their third house! The design was altered slightly from the original plans, turning the staircase, changing the windows, and dividing the main basement room into two rooms.

I watched this one for a month or so on Facebook Market place at £70, and leapt at it when it went down to £35 just days before Xmas 2020. Arbroath is only a short drive away and is in Angus county (we were restricted to our home counties at the time), so it was nothing to nip down one afternoon to pick it up.

I plan on embracing the 70s vibe and turning it into a small house with a separate basement apartment. Posh 70s upstairs, and a funky hippie crash pad in the basement.

No, the address of the house isn't the address of the person I bought it from, it's a combination of our address and the pond in Arbroath.