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When my mother visited the UK in 1989, she brought back a Playmobil catalogue and a small Playmobil set (the girl & boy in sailor suits, with green wagon, orange pumpkin, and yellow umbrella for those wondering).

I fell in love with the Victorian mansion and all the little furniture, but at the time, Playmobil was an imported toy, very expensive, and only sold in a couple of stores in the DFW area. Over time, I acquired the farm and a couple of sets of the mansion furniture which worked well for the farm (Kitchen and Grandpa's Den), but never the house.

Life and other hobbies intervened until Sept. 23, 2022, when I spotted an interesting listing in the FB marketplace. It was the house, with extra floor, furniture and a whole mess of dolls and accessories, for £35! And it was only the next town over!

I just about gave myself friction burn, I messaged that seller so fast. Yes, it was available; yes, they were home; yes, I could pick it up at 5.

The name is a combination of the day I bought it, reversed, and the name of the street from which it came.

It's in beautiful condition, only missing a few little bits which I can pick up on the spare parts market.

I would like to gradually replace some of the furniture with the late 80s/early 90s sets from my childhood, and to add a few other pieces like the mansion fencing and piano.