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Dolls Miniatures Models Home

28 Chestnut Street

This is a Doll House Emporium Georgian Berkeley House and basement which was my Xmas present in 2020.

Inspired by the TV show, Fresh Meat, I envisioned this house as a sort of gracelessly ageing uni house. This would allow for more options to really personalize each room and be a break from the usual family home format.

The main house will contain five student rooms and a living room; the two basement rooms will be the kitchen and bathroom/laundry room.

Plans include changing the painted facade to brick, replacing some of the wallpaper and ageing all of it, and carpeting a couple of the rooms.

The address for this house is a combination of the addresses of the uni house in Fresh Meat, and that of my old dorm , Bruce Hall.

Right after bringing the house home and somehow wrangling it into the Horse Room.

The house was much larger than I had expected. We barely got it into the trunk of the car.

Playing around with some furniture I had on hand to start to plan out the rooms.

The wallpaper in some of the rooms definitely needs changing, the pink is way too perky for what I have in mind.