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28 Chestnut Street

This is a Doll House Emporium Georgian Berkeley House and basement which was my Xmas present in 2020.

Inspired by the TV show, Fresh Meat, I envisioned this house as a sort of gracelessly ageing uni house. This would allow for more options to really personalize each room and be a break from the usual family home format.

The main house will contain five student rooms and a living room; the two basement rooms will be the kitchen and bathroom/laundry room.

Plans include changing the painted facade to brick, replacing the wallpaper and carpeting the rooms.

The address for this house is a combination of the addresses of the uni house in Fresh Meat, and that of my old dorm , Bruce Hall.

Right after bringing the house home and somehow wrangling it into the Horse Room.

The house was much larger than I had expected. We barely got it into the trunk of the car.

Playing around with some furniture I had on hand to start to plan out the rooms.

The wallpaper in some of the rooms definitely needs changing, the pink is way too perky for what I have in mind.

Around Xmas 2021, I spent a little time playing around with furniture, especially after getting the 2021 Lidl dollhouse sets.

And then I found I could buy mini, working "major award" lamps on Amazon!

This isn't the final furniture for the living room (1st floor, left), but I'll probably retain the tv, entertainment unit, and the coffee tables.

The computer science major's room (1st floor right) needs more shelves and then just a lot of accessories.

The music major's room (2nd floor, left) is the least finished of the rooms. It doesn't even have a bedstead yet.

While working on the Carrie House I decided the Uni house needed lizards.

I think these will belong to the music major's room as they don't have a lot in the way of accessories.

The tank isn't finished yet, I was just trying it in the room to see if the size worked.

My main concentration lately has been on the art major's room (2nd floor, right). Understandable since I've based it on my rooms during Uni. The artwork used was all done either during or just after my time at UNT.

I've also added some of my favourite webcomics from that time (this is what we had before memes), and have a sheet of tiny photographs to cut out and stick up.

After I took this picture I decided I didn't like the blue "sky" sheet, so I pulled it off.

Pulling off the the "sky" sheet left some patches of glue and such. I roughly painted over these and disguised them further by covering the ceiling with little bitty glow in the dark stars, something which was popular back in the day.

I also added some home-made little leafy garlands, something which I always enjoyed in my rooms.

The vine sculpture in the back is something which my former room-mates will be familiar with. I have a habit of bringing home interesting vines and branches and covering them with other interesting bits and pieces.

My first needle felted dog got loose and caused a bit of mayhem in the house.

The art major's room is looking more finished. The left wall still needs decorating and there are a few gaps on the other walls to fill, but it's getting there.

3rd floor, left, is the religious studies major's room. They're from the US and have been particularly fun as they're my opposite in many ways.

The poster on the back wall is one a dormmate had in their room during our freshman year. My roommate and I used to act it out... a lot.

The books on top of the wardrobe are all different bible study guides. This room is only lacking a bedstead and a few more accessories.

3rd floor, right, is the trying hard to be trendy fashion design major.

This one is waiting on some large-ish pieces such as a sewing machine and dressmaker's dummy.

Isn't that carpet ghastly?