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MAI Öröm

Haflinger Gelding

Needle Neddies - #10 "Uniko" 2019

Name means "joy" in Hungarian

MAI Briosgaid

Shetland Pony Mare

Needle Neddies - #13 "Jazz" 2019

Name means "cookie" in Gaelic

MAI Âme d'Argent

Pony of the Americas Gelding

Needle Neddies - #50 "Silverado" 2021

40th birthday gift. Portrait of my deceased pony, Silverado. Name means "silver soul" in French

MAI Æthelburg

New Forest Pony Mare

Shadow Model Horses - #1215 Skewbald Hill Pony 2021

MAI Rob Roy

Clydesdale Gelding

Unknown Maker - Carved & painted wood with leather harness