Lab Rat Tango

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Clinky Models

MAI No Pressure Over Cappuccino

American Bison Bull

Hagen-Renaker Buffalo - Regular Run "Miniature Buffalo" 1994-1998

MAI Crumbs On the Carpet

Cocker Spaniel Bitch

Hagen-Renaker Cocker Spaniel - Regular Run #91 "Miniature Cocker Spaniel Pup Playing" 1971-??

MAI Settle For Milk

Guernsey Cattle Heifer

Hagen-Renaker Guernsey Calf - Regular Run #A-320 "Miniature Guernsey Calf" 1996-1997

MAI Stumblin' Through the Barrio

Holstein Bull

Hagen-Renaker Bull - Regular Run #292 "Holstein Bull" 1988-??

MAI Curiosity Kitten

Persian Queen

Hagen-Renaker Persian Kitten - Regular Run "#019" Mini Persian Kitten" 1962-??

MAI Clean Sheets

Pug Dog

Hagen-Renaker Pug - Regular Run #1760 "Miniature Boston Terrier Pup" 1954-??

MAI Chaps My Hide

Grade Cow

Starving Cow - Unknown Make & Year

MAI Catapult

Clydesdale Filly

Hagen-Renaker Trotting Clydesdale Foal - Regular Run #A-3156 "Mini Clydesdale Foal" 1994-2000

MAI Sanctity of Dreams

Fjord Colt

Northern Rose Foal - H & H Winner's Circle Special Run #KR226b "Renegade" 2007 (100 glossy, 20 matte judges' models)

Gift for judging at Lone Star Live

MAI Funky Monk

Welsh Mountain Pony Filly

Beswick Foal - Regular Run #996 "Foal" 1994-??

MAI Only God

Percheron Gelding

Hagen-Renaker Show Drafter - Lone Star Live Special Run "Lone Star 2001 (263 made)

MAI Blind Prophecy

Grade Gelding

Small Standing Horse - Unknown Make & Year

MAI Dreaming Aloud

Grade Gelding

Small Grazing Horse - Unknown Make & Year

MAI New York Minute

Spanish Mustang Gelding

Hagen-Renaker Thoroughbred Stallion - Regular Run #3333 " Specialty Miniature Palomino Trotting Thoroughbred" 2001-2004

MAI I'm Only Sleeping

Shetland Gelding

Cheval Lazy - Regular Run "Mini Lazy Daisy" 2001

MAI Wave Over Wave

Shire Stallion

Royal Doulton Shire - Regular Run #2914 "Spirit of Earth" 1987 - 1989

MAI Everybody Learns From Disaster

Donkey Jack

Standing Donkey - Unknown Make & Year

MAI Sanchito

Donkey Jack

Standing Donkey - Unknown Make & Year

MAI Sepia Heyday

Donkey Jenny

Beswick Donkey - Regular Run #2267A "Donkey" 1987-89

MAI Send in the Clowns

Donkey Jenny Filly

Beswick Donkey Foal - Regular Run #2110A "Donkey" 1987-89

MAI Stop All the Clocks

Donkey Jack

Coopercraft Standing Donkey Foal - Regular Run "Standing Donkey Foal" 1970s

MAI Divine Comedy

Donkey Jack

Large Standing Donkey - Unknown Make & Year