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Pasture Box

I started the Pasture Box just before the Arena box. Though this box is smaller than the Arena Box, it is still useful for models up to 1:9 scale.

The background I painted is based on the view out our bedroom window, though I took some liberties with the location of the Airlie monument (it's actually on the hills behind us.

I first painted the background, then masked off the area where I wanted the wall and used wall filler to make it. I then glued the background sections to the base.

I built up washes of stone colour on the wall

Then painted the base and started gluing trees in place.

After a thick layer of glue, I added a coating of tea scatter.

Then I added a turf layer.

It looked solid in the picture above, but the glue had only been put on in patches.

I kept adding more layers of scatter.

I had to baracade the box on my little work table in the kitchen or else the cat would jump up and snack on the greenery... and then leave it for us in other places.

Here I've added the moss to the wall.

After I started adding foliage, I decided I needed a few more trees.

Starting to look the part. For the foliage I dipped reindeer moss in glue and then rolled it in dried herbs.

All greened up.

The box in action.