Trillium Gracile Farm

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Trillium Gracile Knutsford

The late Lady Lunanhill had two passions in life, English Bulldogs and Siamese cats; she bred and exhibited both.

Knutsford was her darling hope for the 2012 show circuit, but after several disgraceful attempts at exhibition, he was slated to be sold after all efforts to train him to not wee on the judge's leg failed.

Young Lord Lunanhill plead Knut's cause and got him to stay on as a pet. He's a loveable and fun-loving dog and as long as nobody says "Crufts" in his presence, all is right in his world.

(This is the Discontinued Bulldog mold)

Trillium Gracile Lizard Apocalypse

Lizard was originally christened Lord Mountebank Gemsworth Kensington of Ambleford the Third, but the name must not have agreed with him as he quickly became an unholy terror in the cattery and was demoted to house cat after mauling one of the prime show hopefuls.

He was renamed after an unfortunate massacre of the American Anole population in the conservatory.

(This is the Standing Cat mold and is completely wired)

Trillium Gracile Lieutenant Beef

In contrast to the aristocratic Lizard, Lieutenant Beef is of a less distinguished background, and is a much nicer cat for it.

Beef keeps the stables clear of rats and mice and only rarely bothers the birds - there's this one pair of robins who insist in making their nest in a low bush...every year.

(This is the Standing Cat mold and is completely wired)

Trillium Gracile Jingo

Jingo is the brother of Lieutenant Beef and is many ways his complete opposite.

He rarely leaves the house and won't eat anything unless it's been properly cleaned, processed, and cooked.

(This is the Standing Cat mold and is completely wired)

Trillium Gracile Caddam

Caddam and his brother Callum belong to Lady Ewart-Dunn, a resident aunt of Lord Lunanhill. Despite being shamefully spoiled by their mistress, both brothers are delightfully sweet and generally well-behaved dogs.

Caddam's only vice is the occasional urge to dig in the tulip beds and to track muddy pawprints thorough the kitchen

(This is the Dachshund mold)

Trillium Gracile Callum

Like Caddam, Callum is a laid-back and friendly animal. He loves to play fetch with the stable boys even though his mistress tries to curb this rather plebeian fancy.

Callum has even brought home a few ribbons after being hauled along to some shows by the late Lady Lunanhill. He much prefers a soft rug and a warm fire to the hustle and bustle of the show circuit.

(This is the Dachshund mold)

Trillium Gracile Milkweed & Opium

This pair of rabbits are the ultimate jailbreak team. No rabbit hutch can hold them, so Lord Lunanhill resigned himself to the inevitable and they now have free run of the east garden.

They forage for much of their food, but are also provided with full food and water dishes and a cosy ground-level hutch which is always left unlocked. These concessions are much appreciated during inclement weather.

Though they live the wild life, they're still quite friendly and will greet visitors to their garden with a sniff and demands for pets.

(Named after two latex producing plants. These are the Sitting and Lying Rabbit molds)

Trillium Gracile Pendergast

Pren is from a long line of champion sheep dogs, but he's terrified of sheep.

He lives a happy, sheep-free, life lounging around the stable yard and following along on all the hacks.

(This is the Collie Mold)

Trillium Gracile Wintersmith

Wintersmith is the stable guard dog. He attends all the shows and makes sure the unwashed public keep a respectful distance from the horsebox.

(This is the German Shepherd Mold)