Trillium Gracile Farm

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Trillium Gracile Hadrian Augustus Denarius

Percheron Stallion

Hadrian Augustus recently joined the farm after the previous stallion passed away due to colic complications.

Hadrian is of French breeding and was a champion prize winner on the continent. Lord Lunanhill is hoping for great things from him.

(This is the Suffolk Punch mold with straightened headset)

Trillium Gracile Claudia Octavia Aurelia

Percheron Mare

Claudian Octavia was bred by the late Lord Lunanhill, and descends from stock bred by the previous holders of the title.

She is slated to be bred to Hadrian Augustus later this year.

(This is the unaltered Suffolk Punch mold)

Trillium Gracile Heartless Gravity

Highland Pony Mare

It is practically mandatory for a Scottish estate to keep at least one Highland Pony.

Heartless frequently accompanies Lord Lunanhill on hunts in the near-by hills and is a popular mount for visitors.

(This is the standing Highland Pony mold altered to trotting position)

Trillium Gracile Bold Odyssey

British Spotted x Fell Pony

Oddy is practically Scottish as he came from a small farm right over the border near Catlowdy.

His sire was a Fell pony and his dam was a British Spotted Pony, and though he looks cute, Oddy has a wicked temper.

Bold Odyssey was a given to Lord Lunanhill as a foal by a great-aunt on his Lordship's thirteenth birthday and has grown into a very temperamental four year old.

(This is the Fell mold with an altered head)

Trillium Gracile Shoukichi

Miniature Horse

Shoukichi came all the way from a Miniature Horse stud in Texas and quickly settled in to a life as a spoiled pony on the farm.

He is an absolute brat and the terror of the farm dogs and staff.

(This is an unaltered example of the Falabella mold)