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We've been having a bit of an adventure here at Farfrae.

Our Auntie Joyce, who lives on a farm just a few miles down the road from us, called me in a panic a few weeks ago. A pair of foals had been dumped in the wood at the edge of the west sheep field!

Joyce is not a horse person at all, so she wanted us to take them back to Farfrae and hopefully find their owners. Both foals were the worse for wear - thin, scarred, and scared.

A few quick calls determined that no one in the area was missing a black filly or a bay colt, so we had to throw our nets a bit wider.

We contacted all the rescues and stables in our phone books and made some posts on various Facebook pages. In two weeks we had a hit!

A friend of a farrier who works for a sister of a cousin of an auntie saw the pictures on Facebook and got word to the owners...all the way down south to a farm outside of Diss in Norfolk! Who knows how they ended up here!

When the foals were taken one night from the weaning pasture of their home farm they were both around four and five months old.

They were between nine and ten months old when they landed in Auntie Joyce's sheep field.

When we contacted them, the owners didn't want to have to deal with transporting two young foals such a distance or to cope with them in their current condition, so they were happy to sell them to us. They were mostly just grateful for having the foals found and getting some closure.

After their adventures, both foals were suffering from worms and needed several injuries treated.

Lots of patient care has been needed to cope with the mental injuries caused by their treatment during and after their abduction, but both are coming along nicely now.

Since we know their owners, we know a bit more about them than our other rescues.

Jubilee is the elder and is a Welsh Cob from some very nice lines. Comus is just a few weeks younger and is out of Wake Robin Medea, one of the farm's prize eventers, and the Bassington in Exile.

With luck they'll grow up to be useful riding horses for us, but even if they don't, there's always a home for them in the Old Friends pasture.