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An Eccentric Hobby, Part Four

We had another new arrival this month, something slightly larger than a tanuki.

One of the part-bred foals just wasn't working out in his new home. Since we had his half-sister, the estate contacted us to see if we had room for him, too.

Like Shio, Cearan Mhoire Noridasu is a buckskin tobiano Yonaguni part-bred.

Nori has the heavier build of his sire and is less excitable than his sister.

As soon as she realized who had arrived in the yard, Shio couldn't wait to greet him.

Even though they're only half-siblings, they're nearly identical. At least they have different tails so we can ID them at a distance.

Shio has remained rather stand-offish from the other horses, so we are hopeful that Nori will be a bit of company for her.