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An Eccentric Hobby, Part Two

A rather muddy horsebox pulled into our yard early this morning with the last of our new arrivals.

The eccentric gentleman did not confine his collection simply to art and small animals, his estate also featured an amazing herd of Japanese horses of various rare breeds.

The family renting the estate's farm also had horses, including a lovely palomino tobiano hunter-type who was gelded a bit late. Before his owners got around to giving him the snip he had already paid several night-time visits to the Japanese mares!

When the disbursal of the collection began, the Japanese government was more than happy to repatriate these mares as they would be valuable additions to the effort to conserve these rare breeds.

They were absolutely uninterested, however, in the part-bred foals. Two of these have now joined our herd.

Cearan Mhoire Shiohigari is a buckskin tobiano Yonaguni Part-bred.

She inherited the lighter build and bay base-colour of her mother. The cream gene from her father made her a buckskin and he also passed along his colourful tobiano pattern.

Her name means shell gathering at low tide and true to her name she loves frolicking in and around water.

She's a bit high-strung, but very willing and good natured, though she will require a patient and experienced rider. She has lovely form over fences...all fences, including those around the pasture.

Cearan Mhoire Pom Poko is a flaxen liver chestnut tobiano Dosanko part-bred gelding.

He's a little chestnut chunk like his mother, but he too inherited a dose of tobiano from his sire.

He's of a much calmer temperament than Shio and will make a lovely child's mount.

While Shio's been finding the weather a bit chilly, Poko seems to delight in the cooler temperatures.

Poko is already a favourite with the "staff". Luckily he's utterly docile and doesn't seem to mind who has his lead rope as long as they eventually lead him to food.
It's been a long journey, but they're home at last and settling in fast.