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An Eccentric Hobby, Part One

We've been really busy lately preparing for some new arrivals. They're something a bit out of our ordinary line and need special quarters.
We scoured the farm, looking for a suitable spot.

There's a nice sheltered space behind the main barn where we had planned to build a wash rack, but it will be a better spot for the new pen.

They're going to arrive in only a couple of days so we have to work fast to get everything ready on time.

You can never find things when you're in a hurry, we had to go everywhere before we could find some simple wire netting for the pen.

There was much hauling of dirt, digging of turf, and tracking down of saplings.

We just had time for the finishing touches before the delivery van pulled into the yard.

Recently a rather eccentric gentleman passed away down south. He was a Japanophile and his mission in life was to turn his estate into a little piece of Japan in the middle of the British countryside.

His grandson and heir does not share this passion, so everything had to go. The art and furniture went quickly, but the animals were something more of a challenge.

We managed to find room on our farm for a few refugees, four to be exact. We thought it would be less traumatic for the two ponies to be transported by ground, so they should be arriving in the next couple of days.

The smaller creatures we had flown up. Every farm needs a pair of tanuki, don't they? The tanuki twins were a little shy at first...

...but they seemed to settle into their new environment quickly.

Every effort was made to cater to their needs and provide a stimulating ands secure environment.

Cearan Mhoire Sasuke is the adventurous one and he quickly began exploring their new home.

No tree was left un-climbed or nesting basket un-inspected.

Cearan Mhoire Ponkichi is a retiring personality and prefers to observe events from the safety of a nesting basket.

He usually waits until dusk before making his rounds.

Sasuke found the small pond to be especially interesting.

We occasionally toss in a few live fish for an interactive lunch.

I think they'll be happy here and I'm sure it won't take long before our other furry residents notice the new neighbours.

Now I'm off to start cleaning some stalls for the new ponies before they arrive later this week!