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The Three Ages of Malachi

For those not familiar with Siamese cats, they are born very light and darken as they age. I decided I would like portraits of my cat, Malachi, at different stages of his life showing these changes. Mr. R did an amazing job translating my idea into latex.
Malachi as a kitten was almost completely white with just smudges of dark on his points.

He was an absolute terror and very intense when he wanted something.

Cearan Mhoire Malachi strutting his stuff with almost as much attitude as the real cat.
As Malachi entered his young adulthood his body began to darken and his dark points spread.

He started to mellow a little, but still liked to pound his toys and cuss at the birds.

Cearan Mhoire Akie is based on the picture above, which is actually him as a slightly older cat, but the colour was taken from more age-appropriate pictures.
Now Malachi is 11 years old and is slowing down a little. He is a smudgy dark beige over most of his body and his face is almost entirely black.

His first winter in Scotland he was so cold that he wanted to wear his kitty shirts most of the time.

Cearan Mhoire Waouw is wearing a simplified version of his "Little Terror" shirt and his name is one of the real cat's more recent nicknames based on one of his favourite words.
The trio showing the difference in colour.
There were many emails back and forth making sure the colour and markings were correct.

Miss Laura sent me a picture of two different Young Malachis for me to pick the most accurate one, and though the lighter model was more accurate, I liked both.

Cearan Mhoire Sorsha is a four year old Siamese queen and looks very much like Malachi at that age.