Stories from Farfrae Farm

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Clover Farfrae

As the oldest I inherited Farfrae Farm when our parents passed away five years ago. The others are content enough for me to be nominally in charge as it's nice to have someone to blame if things go wrong.

My dream is to make Farfrae Farm more than just the place for a weekend hack, I want to develop it into a popular equestrian centre offering a variety of guided riding experiences, competitions, and other events.

Dexter Farfrae

My younger brother Dexter was Olympic-bound until a horrible accident on a cross-country course took his arm. For various reasons he refuses to consider a prosthetic device and finds his balance and range of motion too compromised to continue riding competitively.

He now trains our horses, breeds and shows pedigree rabbits, and conducts most of our riding lessons. Dex is a huge fan of heavy horses and is always pressing to add a few more to our herd.

Mona & Morgan Aiken

Mona and Morgan grew up here with us after they were orphaned in early childhood. They are our cousins on our mom's side; our mothers were sisters.

Yes, they're twins and no, they're not identical, and don't even think of using the G-word around them. (They get that a lot)

Mona is a photographer specialising in equine photography. She is often away shooting at various events, but when she's on the farm she takes care of our promotional photography and helps Dexter with his training and lesson duties. She's incredibly patient with beginners of both the four-legged and two-legged variety.

Morgan is my strong right hand. He helps me with my mountain of paperwork, event planning, and is a genius for finding talented new mounts for our yard.

Kristof Lahti

Kristof and our dad served together and after the war they both returned to Scotland.

Kristof occasionally returns to Finland to see his remaining family, but he says he misses his Scottish hills too much to be gone long.

Kristof is our part-time farrier, the captain of our Pony Club troops, and keeps everyone on-task and our yard gleaming. He loves the horses, but his passion is our garden and our ever expanding clowder of cats.

Andy Lahti

Andy is Kristof's adopted son. He is currently studying nursing at university and earning spending money by being our odd-job man.

He and Dexter are only a few months apart in age and they are often partners in crime; many of these adventures result in a new pet added to our menagerie.

Andy is the one who found out about the dispersal of the Japanese collection while on a visit to his birth family down south.